5 Tips to Build Muscle Fast

build muscle fast

If you want to build muscle fast, you cannot do it with just a single step. Instead, it should be a combination of various steps so that you can achieve the muscle that you are dreaming of. Here are the 5 tips to build muscle fast:

Eat More Frequently

Eating more and eating frequently is the first step so that you can build your muscle fast. Instead of eating three big meals, it would be better if you eat 6 small meals. It allows you to maintain your metabolic and energy rate at a constant level.

You should focus on foods rich in protein such as fish, lean meat and egg whites. You can also include foods rich in carbohydrates such as wholegrain rice, oatmeal and white potatoes. If you think you cannot consume fats while building your muscle, you are wrong. You can consume good fats such as nuts, oily fish and avocadoes. All these food groups contribute to a more steady muscle growth.

A male should consume 3,000 to 3,500 calories every day to achieve desired results.

Exercise Multiple Muscle Groups

The second step involves exercising your multiple muscle groups. Among the exercises that you can consider are: Chest Press, Squats, Bicep Curls, Deadlifts, Woodchoppers and Bent Over Rows.

Avoid isolation exercises. These are exercises that only involve one part of your body. For example, you will only exercise your arm on Monday, your legs on Tuesday, so on and so forth. This can only prevent your muscles from working well together.

Lift Heavy Weights with Low Reps

The third step is to lift heavy weights coupled with low repetitions. When you lift heavy weights, your muscles are automatically forced to work doubly harder. The pressure that you exert makes you stronger and bigger.

High repetitions cannot build muscles because it implies that you are not really exerting much effort. The truth is that you are just lifting weights effortlessly.

A precaution though when lifting heavy weights is to maintain proper posture so that you can avoid muscle injuries.

Workout Three Times a Week

The fourth step is to workout three times a week. This is the recommended number of days to perform your muscle workout.

It is a complete myth when people say that you should workout every day to build muscle fast. Your muscle needs to rest and recuperate so it can grow. As you lift weights and perform your workout routine, your muscle fibers suffer; hence, it needs adequate time to recuperate those fibers.

Get Enough Rest and Sleep

The fifth step is to get enough rest and sleep. It is not just beneficial for your well-being; it can also help you build muscle quickly.

The process is like this: as you sleep, your growth hormones or anabolic hormones help your muscles to repair themselves.

Experts suggest that you should get at least eight straight hours of sleep so that you can produce more growth hormones. Contrastingly, when a person does not get adequate sleep, he or she produces catabolic hormones which can prevent muscles from growing by reducing muscle tissues.