Difference between heavy weight training or light weight training


light weight lifting

Exercise is important in our lives. It helps us to stay healthy and fit and thus avoid diseases and conditions brought about by unhealthy bodies. There are many types of exercises. One of these is weight training. Weight training is a type of exercise that is used to make the muscles of the body stronger and bigger. This form of training is conducted using weights such as bars, dumb bells and stacks. One lifts these devices in sets of repetitions to successfully complete a weight training regimen. There are two categories of weight training. These are light and heavy weight training. Each has its own benefits and style.

The differences between them

When you are light weight training, you will have to do more repetitions than when you are training with heavy weights. This is because it will take more light weight repetitions to build the same amount of muscle as fewer repetitions of heavy weights. Lifting heavy weights helps to stimulate more and faster muscle-growth than lifting light weights. Also, heavy weight training burns more fat than light weight training. Lifting light weights also promotes the growth of slow twitch muscle groups while lifting heavy weights promotes the growth of fast twitch muscle groups. Another difference between the two is that lifting light weights promotes endurance strength while lifting heavy weights promotes explosive strength. Thus, when choosing between light weight training and heavy weight training, it is important to know which type of strength you want.

Size or endurance?

When you are weight training, your goal can be to increase the size of your muscles or to boost their endurance. If you seek to increase muscle size, then lifting heavy weights is the better option. This will build explosive strength and force the muscles to grow fast enough to meet the demands on them. However, if you want to build endurance, you should lift light weights and do many repetitions. This will define your muscles and have you stronger and leaner. An outstanding benefit of lifting light weights for many repetitions is that it also acts as a cardio workout.

By lifting heavy weights, you are able to burn more fat than lifting light weights. The heavier the weight that you carry, the more the calories that you burn. Moreover, when you lift heavy weights, you are able to release fat burning hormones. These hormones burn fat even 8 hours after you have stopped working out. Another difference between light weight training and heavy weight training is that by performing the latter, you can increase your metabolism more. By performing heavy weight training even for a short period of time, you can build muscles that increase the rate of your metabolism. Moreover, when you have bigger muscles, you can burn fat even when you’re not working out. Also, heavy weight training benefits the bones more than light weight training. You are able to increase the density of your bones. This has long term benefits. An example is that it prevents osteoporosis. Thus, you should do light weight training when seeking endurance and heavy weight training when seeking strength and bigger muscles.