Foods To Avoid For Six Pack Abs

foods for six pack abs

Six pack abs is one of the most adored physiques among men and over the years, many males have been trying out various workouts to achieve it. However, only a small percentage of people actually have a healthy six pack and developing it can be quite overwhelming. Packs require both dedicated workout program and specific diet plan. This means there are some foods that are recommended while others are to be avoided at all cost. To achieve a desirable frame, one must know what to eat and what to omit from their diet. This will ensure the abs development process is not slowed down.

Here are some of the foods you should avoid completely to get six pack abs.

• Whole dairy products – Dairy products such as whole milk, cheese and butter have been known to contain extra fats, oils and protein. These food items are generally recommended for malnourished people who are required to develop more mass including muscles and weight. When it comes to gaining six pack abs, body fat should be reduced to minimal. Consuming dairy products will only add more fat. Dairy has always been associated with increasing the insulin levels in the blood and this hinders fat breakdown. In fact, insulin acts towards converting more sugar into fat and thus restricts progress of fat burning. Go for low fat milk and other dairy products that have no fats.

• Processed foods – Processed food items are always optimized to deliver a particular formula to the body. You can find commercial peanut butters, fries, hamburgers and chips among others. These foods may aid quick muscle building although they also cause various unpleasant occurrences. They high fat and carb content plus artificial additives make them a potential health risk. Processed foods will only increase the level of fat, chemicals and insulin thus increasing sugar fat conversion.

• Wheat, gluten and grains – These foods contain high levels of carbohydrates and fats as well as hormone triggers. They raise the amount of cortisol and insulin. When the two hormones are in action, they hinder the liver from breaking down fats and rather promote conversion of existing sugars to fat.

• Simple sugars and carb powdersGetting abs is always about avoiding extra fats and maintaining a dedicated workout. On the first requirement, whoever controls insulin levels will be more successful. Simple sugars and powder carbs will be absorbed into blood very quickly and this raises insulin levels. Such forms of carbohydrates will only lead to more fats and less breakdown.

• Foods rich in fats – This has always been the advice across all departments including health, fitness and lifestyle. Fats are foods you should avoid completely to get six pack abs. of course not all fats are bad. However, those available in the market are trans fats, saturated fats and some amounts of total fats which are the worst ones. Avoid animal fats from beef and pork to whole dairies.

There are various other foods one should avoid if the aim is gaining six pack abs. Sugar content in blood should be reduced so that it only provides sufficient energy. If the level is high, more insulin will be produced which results in a slowed fat breakdown by the liver and increased sugar-fat conversion. Avoid fruits and processed supplements that contain several additives.

Check out this video for some legitimate six pack diet strategies you can start using today!