HGH is sometimes known as the “fountain of youth.” This is because the hormone plays a major role in maintaining the health of human tissue. Imagine having the development of a 20-year-old while you’re 40-years-old. You have the body of a middle-aged individual but the endurance and muscles of a young adult.

While it won’t make you live forever, if your hormone levels were the same as a 20-year-old’s for the rest of your life, then the probability that you’ll live over 100 is very high. This is based on the scientific assumption of HGH supporters.

Nevertheless, the hormone has received its own number of critics and promoters. Scientifically, and at the right amounts,  injectables and pills can give you the following benefits:

>regulates body composition
>regulated body fluids
>regulates muscle and bone growth
>regulates sugar and fat metabolism
>rapidly builds muscle
>breaks down fat tissues
>increases libido
>increases energy levels
>improves sleep patterns with reduced unintentional awakenings
>builds stronger bones
>improves sexual performance
>improves the health of the heart and kidneys
>tighter muscles
>faster metabolism
>healthier skin collagen
>faster recovery

The list of health benefits for this hormone can go on and on so let’s break down its specific benefits for specific applications.

Muscle Building

When you take a look at bodybuilding supplements, HGH will most likely pop up in one out of two growth hormone reviewproducts. It is a well-known ingredient in muscle building pills because it is clinically proven to build more muscle mass. That’s why it’s popular amongst men.

While it does help to develop muscles faster, it is important to note that while you are building muscle mass, it doesn’t contain strength. This means that taking injections without exercise is futile and will give you an awkward physique. Imagine yourself looking buff and bulky but without the power to actually lift weights at the gym. A sight that doesn’t look too good, right?

This is why taking injections without diet or exercise is worthless. If you want o have a better and bigger physique, you must hit the gym and watch what you eat.

A bulky body is nothing without the proper cuts and definition. It will help you develop the muscles but strength and definition is at your hands.

For Weight Loss

HGH’s benefits include a faster metabolism and reduction of excess fat. Can you remember your body in high school or even in college? If you’re in your late 20’s or older now, what difference do you see?

You’re eating the same foods and may have the same lifestyle, but why are you heavier? This is because the reduction of HGH levels in your body leads to a slower metabolism. So even though your eating habits and lifestyle remains the same as your early 20’s, your weight is changing.

Taking injections or pills will rev up your metabolism, helping you burn calories and shed off fat faster. This means that without changing your lifestyle, it can help you get your slimmer body back.

However, just like for bodybuilders, you must accompany the treatments with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

pills or injections

For Anti-Aging

Human Growth Hormone is not only limited to weight loss or muscle building. Since it rejuvenates and boosts production cells, this includes collagen and skin tissues that will make you look younger.

The production of HGH comes with it the production of collagen, which is an important protein that binds skin cells together. As you age, collagen production in the skin reduces, which causes wrinkles, fine lines, large pores, and dry skin.

It will help to produce more collagen so your skin is more supple, have moisture, and those fine lines and wrinkles will be filled out.

The many benefits of Human Growth Hormone make it a powerful hormone that brings about a long list of health advantages. But, side effects have been notorious and it’s important that you know what they are to be aware of the risks and consequences of not using the hormone for its intended purpose, and using it without the guidance of an actual physician.

Where to Buy HGH

HGH is currently for sale from many different places online. It can be difficult to know which supplement you should go for. Fortunately we have a list of recommended products that you can go through and learn more about.