HGH or Human Growth Hormone is often referred to as the ‘fountain of youth’ because of the sheer hgh injections vs spraynumber of impressive advantages that it provides. The pituitary gland is responsible for producing this hormone which performs various functions inside the human body including fluid balance, heart function, sugar and fat metabolism, accumulation of muscle mass, bone density and growth, etc.

Unfortunately, as the body ages, the natural production of this hormone reduces. Thankfully there are effective solutions to tackle this problem: HGH supplements. These are available in the form of sprays, injections and pills. These are not just capable of treating different types of medical conditions but they also play a very important role in slowing down the nasty effects of aging.

When it comes to HGH supplements, comparisons are often drawn between sprays and injections. People often find themselves questioning about which is the best form of HGH supplement. So, HGH sprays vs injections: which is safe? As far as dosage is concerned, sprays aren’t the best option out there because they provide very low concentration of HGH. In fact, it is necessary to understand that these sprays aren’t meant to be a complete hormone replacement therapy which would deliver all the growth hormones required by the body. In truth, these are just meant to help the pituitary gland by working alongside it to release sufficient quantity of growth hormone in the body. However, if a boost in the dosage is required then these sprays can be used in conjunction with pills or injections.


One redeeming feature of HGH sprays is that they contain unique ingredients which aren’t present in case of other forms of HGH supplements such as injections or pills. One such example would be Alpha GPC, which is only found in sprays. This powerful ingredient is capable of making the pituitary gland function optimally. Another redeeming feature of such sprays is that they facilitate faster absorption since they do not need to pass through the stomach and liver first, but rather are absorbed via the lining of the mouth. Hence these convenient sprays start working almost immediately after it is administrated! It is also pretty easy to find HGH spray for sale online.

HGH injections are yet another human growth supplementsway of supplying Human Growth Hormones to your body. These are said to work faster than sprays because they are higher in terms of hormone dosage and are injected directly into the blood stream. One of the disadvantages of using these injections is that they are generally given through a doctor’s prescription only. Hence, you will need to visit a doctor and get a prescription before you can get your hands on injections. Another disadvantage of these injections is that they are expensive. Also, these come with side effects and can give rise to health problems in case of some individuals whose bodies cannot take in the direct injection of hormones.

Thus, both HGH sprays and injections have their own set of pros and cons. So you will need to weigh them and then take your pick based on your preference, requirements and individual circumstance.