Why it’s never a Good Idea to Skip Leg Day

squats leg day

Generally, the benefits of exercising your legs are more than just building a few sizeable quads. Instead, training your legs can help increase muscle, accelerate fat loss and boost testosterone. It is therefore not a good idea to work out your upper body and skip your leg day. The following are some reasons why it’s never a good idea to skip leg day.

Accelerate Fat Loss

Step-ups, dead-lifts, and squats are some exercises which bring the most physiological benefits for losing excess fats from the body. When exercising, the big muscle in the legs burn more calories; more lactic acid is created, ultimately leading to a greater effect of fat loss. So, it’s always good to go for your leg day routine as scheduled if you are determined to loss fat and get that perfect body or physique.

Increase Metabolism

Apart from making you speedier on the track, leg day can as well increase your metabolism. Obviously, lifting weights will help you build and maintain your muscle mass. When the composition of your body contains more muscle mass, the entire body will become more active. When it comes to maintaining and keeping your metabolism revved up, strength training outperforms rowing, cycling, running, and any other standard cardio-exercises.

Improve Body Balance

Having a strong lower body can help you avoid any wipeout. Workouts like dead-lifts and side lunges will improve your stability, helping keep you ready for anything. Balance is always essential and important for maintaining control of the body.

Quality and Healthy Life

Perhaps, one of the most crucial reasons to exercise is to obtain quality and healthy life. Mobility greatly affects quality of life as the person ages. Going for leg day helps maintain mobility, flexibility and strength. Exercising your lower body more often, especially when you are young will help you do more things that you love doing in your later years of life. It will also help you prevent social mockery as well.

Strong Legs Prevent Pain in the Back

Often, proper posture is thought of as the spinal issue, but any spinal related issue usually starts at the feet. For instance, a tree is as strong as the stalk and roots holding it up. So, your legs should be strong enough to match the upper body. Weak glutes create more work on your hamstrings and lower back, resulting in tight hip flexors which pull on your lumbar spine, adding more pressure on your back, protruding the abdomen, creating anterior pelvic tilt, decreasing blood flow and increasing blood pressure that for a man result in Viagra over-dosing that can cause blindness. To avoid all these, it is important never to consider skipping your leg day for just mere reasons.

Conclusively, your exercises should be different based on your set goals. For instance, if you are weight lifter, it’s important to work extra hard so that your lower body matches the upper one to be able to achieve most of the above discussed reasons for why you should never skip leg day. Eat well, exercise accordingly and get what you deserve.

Here is an incredibly motivational video for those of you who are lacking motivation!