Pros and Cons of Pre workout supplements

Developing bigger and stronger muscles is not all about working out in the gym every day. Apart from ????????????????????????????????????????performing intense and targeted workouts, following the right diet and consuming the right supplements also play an integral role in achieving the desired results. So if you are wondering why there is no visible result despite maintaining a regular workout regimen, effective supplements, especially pre-workout supplements, could be what you need to take your workout to the next level. Pre-workout supplements can help you get the most out of your workout. But just like other supplements, it has its own share of advantages and drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons of pre-workout supplements.


Improved Strength

Many pre-workout supplements contain creatine. Creatine is one of the most researched supplements in the market today and many studies have discovered that it can increase the strength, power, speed and size of the muscles. Another common ingredient that can improve strength during workout is caffeine. Moreover, the intake of pre-workout supplements with caffeine stimulates the production of the neurotransmitter beta-endorphin, which can reduce fatigue during training.

Improved Endurance

There are some ingredients that are added to pre-workout supplements to improve endurance. A good example of such ingredients is the beta alanine, a powerful amino acid that improves endurance by reducing lactic acid, combating fatigue and enhancing performance. Another ingredient that has also been shown to minimize fatigue during training is citrulline malate. This amino acid also increases the ability of the body to supply the muscles with oxygen, increasing the regeneration of adenosine triphosphate, an essential molecule that helps the muscles to contract and function efficiently.

Improved Muscle Pump

Some pre workout supplements are formulated to instantly increase the size and vascularity of the muscles. This will slightly improve the physical appearance and size of your muscles. One pre-workout ingredient that can help to achieve that is known as Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG). AAKG is a nonessential amino acid that stimulates the production of nitric oxide in the body, enhancing the delivery of more nutrients, blood and oxygen to the muscles.

More energy

Many pre-workout supplements work by pumping up the body and supplying energy for longer workouts. People often get tired as they work out due to decreased electrolytes. A pre-workout supplement re-supplies the lost electrolytes and provides essential nutrients that will help in muscle growth.


Most pre-workout supplements contain caffeine and this may make it harder for you to fall asleep. Sleep plays an important role in your success and recovery after workout, so you need to consider that before buying these supplements. Other side effects of these supplements include high blood pressure, severe headache and heart problems. So if you have any heart-related condition, consult a doctor before using the supplements. Also never take the supplements without working out as that may damage the body cells.

While the pre-workout supplements have a few drawbacks, their benefits outweigh the cons in so many ways. In fact, most of the cons can be avoided by using the supplements correctly. Just ensure you buy a reputable supplement brand. If you would like to try a pre-workout supplement, we recommend going with maximum shred. Make sure you read  our full review on it to better understand what it is and how it works.